Western Estates is a cult rock syndicate from Southern Connecticut whose music is hot and tasty like a New Haven pie popping out of a brick oven (okay, it's a little burnt on the bottom too).  Born in late 2014, the team of experienced songwriters has been tinkering with demos and playing select shows while quietly recording 'Me First' their debut EP.  Now available, the 5-song collection employs screaming melodies from vocals, guitars, and cellos over a pounding battery of tuneful rhythm. 

After debuting the EP at a special release show at Lyric Hall in New Haven in December of 2016, Western Estates will be promoting it throughout CT, New England, and NYC in 2017.  

Western Estates is: Matt Cranmer (bass), Glenn Furst (guitar), Laura Klein (vocals, cello), and Jarrod Ruby (drums).