11/4/17: We always stay scheming in the basement lab.  Look out for a new unplugged live album and some associated shenanigans in the near future....

10/13/17: When life gives you lemons you make sweet cello music-- Due to personal issue's Western Estates couldn't play the spook-tacular Friday the 13th show at C House, but Laura showed up cello, looping, and effect pedal's blazing and held it down. 

9/06/17: Despite repeated oral surgery even up to a day before the show, Laura did an amazing job staying upright and not spitting blood on the audience.. and I guess she sang OK too. Thank you to Manic Productions, Bar, Weakened Friends and Bilge Rat for a great night at Bar-New Haven!

8/10/17: Thank you to everyone for the great turn-out at Cafe 9! And to the Right Offs and King Bongo for being amazing 

7/30/17: 'Gravitron' video shoot day 2 is down. Thank you to Wallingford TV for the professional lights and to the rain gods for only gently sprinkling us and our crazy Christmas light setup

7/19/17: 'Gravitron' video shoot day 1 is down. Thanks to Our Lady of Mercy carnival in West Haven for the love and not kicking us out for our guerrilla-style shoot!

7/11/17: Tracking for 'Gravitron' has begun! We're DIYing it in the basement so bear with us

5/11/17: Thanks to all who came out to recent shows.  We play Cafe Nine on 6/8 and are spending time working on some new stuff.  

12/6/16: It took a full year and it's now ready for your eyes and ears.  W//E vocalist/cellist Laura Klein has completed the video for "You First" - the "lead single" from our new EP.  

12/3/16: Thank you New Haven folks for coming to our EP Release Party at Lyric Hall on 12/2.    Many, many, many thanks to all who lended their time and energy to helping us out as well as King Bongo, Olive Tiger, and Swamp Yankee.  

12/2/16: New Haven film guru Tony Juliano directed a video for "Alone, To Get Her" which is now live.  

12/1/16: "Me First" EP is now available!  Our 5-song EP was recorded with Nathan Sage of Whitehouse Productions in Shelton, CT.  It is available everywhere that digital albums are sold/streamed.  Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.  "They never quite do the same thing twice, and they never lose the energy that makes rock music fun in the first place."