The deli Magazine

"With tonal flavors ranging from post-punk to grunge to pop, Western Estates dance within and around those genres enough to never quite be pinned down by any of them.  From the bright, catchy "One and Done" to the darker, harmonically complex "Alone, To Get Her", their new EP Me First gives a glimpse into the eclectic nature of the band."

New Haven Independent 

"In less than 20 minutes, Me First thus covers a lot of musical ground, showing a band whose musicians are already very comfortable in their own skins and perhaps even more comfortable playing with each other. All of that lets them stretch out and take a few risks with complete confidence. They never quite do the same thing twice, and they never lose the energy that makes rock music fun in the first place. Even though this is Western Estates’ debut recording project, and despite the playful brattiness of its title, Me First sounds mature.

There will always be a place in the musical world, and in the Elm City, for kickass, adrenaline-fueled rock ‘n’ roll. But as the genre itself is well into its seventh decade, Western Estates places itself among the bands who are figuring out what to do now with the sound that’s been passed down to them. The promising answer on Me First is to create a sound that is both familiar and surprising — that delivers on sheer intensity, yet rewards those who listen close.

Sleeping Bag Studios

"But I’ll tell you this sincerely right now…regardless of what my own personal taste is…if I was just to put on my talent-scout cap and pass judgment on whether or not this band could potentially go on to dominate the entire universe – I’d double down on that bet right now.  There is something absolutely beautiful, raw and fantastic started here on the Me First EP from Western Estates…track after track, experience after experience – there is real magic you can absolutely hear on this record."

"...What I’d imagine a female-led Built To Spill might sound like…the guitars are so damn raw but so damn incredible to listen to – the beat alongside it pounds out with authority and the vocals reveal their exquisite & exotic textures right away"

"I fully believe that I’ve heard the beginnings of something seriously incredible starting in this band…Western Estates has completely won me over – this EP is brilliant."


"The band’s music features the punch and grit of alternative rock, with amazing guitar walls and some truly awe-inspiring beats."

"This EP is ultimately a great example of the band’s musicianship and cohesion, highlighting their songwriting skills and musicianship. One of the things that I personally enjoy the most about this EP is definitely the way the band set out to maintain very consistent aesthetics, while keeping the mix diverse and forward-thinking.